Day 4 - The Back :)

We just now started massaging the back at school, and Thursday I have my first quiz already. The back is a lot more work and things to memorize, and its a workout too. I had got my back done first by my class partner and by the time she was done I was totally relaxed and pain free, but then came time for me to massage and by the time I was done my back was hurting again. I really gotta get used to proper stance and using the whole body to motion instead of just the arms.

I really worked up a sweat and for the next few weeks here that's all will be doing is back and feet massages for 2 hours each day. Maybe I'll start losing weight.

The kids are all arguing who gets the massage first, I finally found something to settle them down at night.

I am feeling like I am giving more than receiving though, so if my cute stuff is out there reading this ::hint hint:: Sorry I said you looked like a blueberry earlier, I meant it in a good way, blueberries are yummy.

I think I'm gonna drink a Bud Ice and fall asleep watching a movie in my bare wood living room. Anyday now my uncle will have the living room floor finished. I can't wait to get back to a normal house and a better looking one too ;)



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