School Day 3 - Rubbing Feet

Carrie is finally happy I learned how to rub feet the right way ;) On Thursday we learned to massage the front and back of the feet, though the front part is kinda weird, and did not particulary feel good on my feet, maybe the girl was pressing too hard, but she was good on the rest.

I didn't realize how good a foot massage felt. I don't recall ever getting one before, and as I layed there it brought up emotions I had held back all day. :tear: So now all the kids want feet rubbed before bed, and I never imagined you could work up a sweat just doing feet, but its work. My instructor says by the end of the year, and if you are doing about 5 massages a day you have the endurance and stamina of a professional athlete. Sounds cool.

Well my uncle Scott is almost ready to start tearing out the carpet and getting in our new floor, I can't wait for that. It's been raining almost non stop for two days and these kids are getting on my nerves.

Something about our house just draws in stray animals. First a dog the other day, now our neibghbor found a kitten under the trash about the same size as ours, and I took it in since it was cold, wet, shaking, weak, barely meowing so now we have a houseguest. Our other kitten Tom doesn't like it one bit. Binky ran over about to pick it up til she realized it was not hers, hissed and backed away from it. poor kitty.

Hopefully tomorrow there is some sun so I can get some peace and do some work around the house or some homework. For now I just have to maintain my sanity and worry about who Carrie is calling on her cell ;) My grandma finally flipped out on me accusing my wife of using her cell phone to call men to arrange secret meetings with our neighbor and to talk to all her boyfriends. She ended up angrily calling me a 'god damn idiot' in front of my kids, and that I need to find her billing statements and trace down all her calls. I said "Ok now its time to leave." Wow. Don't get me wrong, I love my family but their ways of resolving problems are just too harsh for me.

The god damn idiot
Signing off.


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