Chilling Out

It's starting to feel like Winter already, been dreay for a week and we finally got some sun, but dang its getting cold out. The cold air isn't help my back which I recently must have pulled a nerve helping my uncle move some heavy things around, but the housework is about 95 percent done and looking really nice.

We have our new floor in, and he just needs to put up the border around the floor. It feels much nicer in the living room, hopefully someday we can get the kitchen and bedroom done too, and then the basement- I really would like a nice computer area, I've been stuck here typing in the kitchen for months on a very uncomfortable kitchen chair, my butt bone is paying the price for that. ;(

Tuesday I have my first test at school. I got around 90percent on my pre-test quiz of 50 questions, and they say the quiz is harder so I should do well on the test, plus I did my anatomy coloring book for extra +5 onto the test ;)

Thursday myself and the other only two guys in the class somehow got stuck massaging each other for 2 hours. The girls thought that was amusing. Months ago I never thought eventually I would be getting back massages half naked by two other guys ::tries not to cringe:: I felt really drunk afterwards, feeling like my equilibrium was off, maybe because the pressure was different on both sides or I am just not used to it yet. Then we had a half hour to spend because we finished before everyone else, so I ended up having to give my instructor a seated massage and I forgot how to do it, so I was extra nervous and sweating. She was good about it though, just something to pass the time, and we ended up talking about reincarnation and mediums.

I am going to put up my comic book collection on Ebay, hoping I can sell it to get some money to help give my wife a nice birthday for a change. I have over 1200 comics, so if anyone reading this is interested let me know.

The other kitten is still here, sleeping beside the computer right now, never found the owner. Ariel has called him Nemo. I got batteries for my camera maybe I'll get some pics of the kittens up soon.



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