Origin of "Laying on of Hands"

Since I have started massage therapy school, I found it interesting of the history of massage traces all the way back to religious ceremony. More in part the oils used both in greeks, Jewish and early Christian traditions.

It seems that modern day churches including the LDS have literally little idea of what real "laying on of hands" and the "olive oil" is used for. As far as I understood when I was a member the laying on of hands was merely tradition, and the oil supposedly consecrated to aid in some type of spiritual faith healing.

But it originates back in Jewish tradition and even earlier when Hippocrates used oils and found rubbing them in to be beneficial. The early Jewish traditions actually rubbed the oils into parts of the body, and even in the early Christian church back in 50 A.D. The oil was literally rubbed into the head, feet, etc to aid in the healing.

Now religion has become so watered down, that the LDS now only annoints through the clothes, or just the forehead, not being actual healers at all but going further and further away from what its meant to be used for.

It seems the early healers were just that, therapeutic healers, and did not just stand over your head saying empty words.

So that's what I'll be doing - more of what the original healers did way back then. ;) the True "laying on of hands"



  1. In humility,I ask foryour help in progressing spiritually.If youhave any connections to healers toshare,it would be much appreciated,I amcurrently looking to balance out my third chakra,and learn about practicing the art of manifestation.
    anything that you could give would be much appreciated,and I will only use what I am given for good,toheal and to helpmyself and others,
    Thank you,
    Christopher Seth Moulthrop Moon Township PA


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