Enough of the poetry ;) I'm sure it was depressing enough. So I will write about upcoming changes / or current ones in my life. The past month has been difficult but things are getting better. If all goes well with financial aid I will be starting school in September for Massage Therapy.

I have awakened, from what feels like a long slumber, and I want to do things I have not done before. I want to help people as well as myself, and feel strongly that this is the right decision, though some people might think its strange for me. I feel different now. Just looking people in the eyes is easy. Sure there are times when I am still quiet, but I am getting better, and walking right up to people, inhibitions are gone, feelings of love I had not had in years are back, I feel like a teenager again.

Our cat Binky will also see changes, as any day now she will have kittens. They have really been kicking. You should see how excited MY WIFE (hehe) Carrie is getting and she keeps telling people she's gonna be a grandma.

I have been doing my best to meditate everyday, and starting to have some interesting effects already from hearing voices of guides, to hearing Carrie telepathically talk to me while shes sleeping. I've been dreaming a lot more too.

Always remember to tell those you love that you do love them everyday, even if they are being a pain in the butt. ;)

I went to "Kahuna" counseling the other day with my friend Jon Stroh who is a hypnotherapist and counselor and although I was already healing, he helped me clear up more past issues from childhood, and I felt really good afterwards.

I'll keep this updated as the days go by. Now I just need to figure out where I'm gonna get $150 for the tuition fee. Anyone care to donate?



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