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I have all things in place now to start school on September 28th for Massage Therapy. Carrie took out a loan on her retirement to help with the remaining costs, which she now says I'm her bitch forever ;) That's fine with me.

I've been doing some meditation sessions with her, not getting a lot through so perhaps I need to try some new techniques, but somethings I got through last night seemed interesting, so I will write them down. Perhaps it was a future event, or something spiritually symbolic going on behind the scenes. There seemed to be a lot of Catholic images, though I am not Catholic or have any interest in the religion.

First I began seeing men in the room in front of me dressed in gowns, white and grey, more like priest robes, and they were standing in line walking slowly in front of me.

Then a scene appeared of inside a cathedral from a side view, as men were walking up the aisle. The room was dark, shades of dark blue, very shadowy, with people standing in the shadows and their faces covered in darkness. The man in the front appeared to be a leader, priest or even a Pope of some sort except he seemed very young to me, 30s-40s perhaps. This felt like a secret dark behind the scenes ceremony.

Then to the left of that scene another opened up which was almost a mirror of what I was seeing, completely flipped and reversed, except the scene was very bright, golds and yellows and all the people were smiling, dressed in bright colors and white. An older man which reminded me of Pope John Paul was at the front of the line, but he was kneeling down in prayer, holding a golden staff in his hand with a jeweled cross at the top of it. He was dressed in white. Behind him was an archway, above the archway was was the word "HERO" in gold.

I was prompted that there is a division that is occuring or will occur that will in someway split the major religions in half, more particularly Catholics, and would be a sign of the times, that one group of people would be holding on to old dark traditions while another would be enlightened.

Another scene then opened up with what looked like the current Pope being led down a carpeted rostrum stairs outside of a cathedral in broad daylight. Armed guards and priests in red robes were walking along side him, but the Pope was in handcuffs with his hands bound behind his back, as he looked at the crowd. I could not tell what he was being arrested for.

That was pretty much the end of that scene, I feel asleep, dreamed I was standing in line as these people were cutting up unleavened loaves of bread and handing the pieces out- perhaps a sacrament of some sort. The women cutting the bread were dressed in white aprons.

Aside from that...

Our only kitten's eyes have opened, we have yet to name the kitten yet. Looks like it is a boy. There is not much else new going on. Carrie and I are doing better =) Her work schedule changes soon to extended weekend so she will be home a lot more. I need to start excercising soon as well to stay in shape for school and other activities.



  1. Wow !! Thanks so much for sharing that to this group. I was intrigued. I told my family that the Pope was going to die on April 2, 2005. I saw it in a vision. I saw it back in DEC 2004. My Dad in FEB went to the hospital and at the time he was in a hospital dying.. I told my sister before she went to see my Dad in mid March about my vision. Then the news announced him dead on March 31, 2005. I told my sister that this is impossible for the dream came from God to me. I can tell when it is a familiar spirit or the real deal. Familiar spirits can tell half truths. But I have always been able to tell which is which ... Well, they did announce this on all the TV stations that he died on that March date.. Then several hours later they retracted it. Then he died on April 2 like I told her he would.. I am very into the symbolism of the Catholic Church, I was born into it but came out of it. I am not fundamental at all and I guess you could more call me a Mystic Christian if anything. Although I follow other religions too. I have mentioned this in here before my feelings on religion that is organized. Also, I have strong feelings about the changing of scriptures and messing with Christ's real messages and left out books etc.

    But, I have many dreams and visions and I journalize them all. Nobody really can interpret my dreams but me. I think some people need to go to dream interpreters and only on rare occasions because they do not have a gift for discerning them . I'm different. I never let others interpret mine for me. I also am reluctant to share mine for everyone thinks they know what your dream or visions mean, but really, I feel God/Creator gives everyone that has them a way to know their interpretation usually.. Sometimes it is instantaneous and other times it takes time for the full meaning to be revealed. I very really find someone that cannot figure their own dreams out.. I always try to advise people against seeking a dream interpreter out for I feel God/Creator gave them to a person for a reason and He/She will reveal it's meaning in it's due time to the person that had it.. I always know when they are from God.

    I did feel a very strong resonating when you spoke of your dream. What came to mind also was the Black Pope or the opposite of the Light Pope.. But, many claim he is not alive but I know for a fact he is and this truth was revealed to me.

    I don't share many of my dreams. There are many out in the world that can , and do mock people when dreams are shared. So for me, I listen and let my Guides, Angels, The Spirit and God/Creator tell me whether I should share it or not.. Surprisingly many times I am not to when I feel I should . My dreams are very sacred to me. Yours sounded very sacred as well. But, I've learned to listen now about this and whether to share them for it is very sacred when these dreams happen..

    I just wanted to write to tell you that I very much appreciated your dream or vision.. It was received with wide open ears from me. I've had these type things happen with visions and dreams since I was 5 yrs old ..

    Thanks so much for that.. I am going to keep and save your email..

    Red Jewel 1111

  2. I still find that Todd's inspiration that a major split is coming to all
    the religions is interesting. But in looking around I found this little
    url on the Heros and tarot - and yeah, it brings the matrix up too:

  3. Looks like John Paul is talking to others from beyond the veil recently

    As I am pretty sure the one pope in the vision was him kneeling under the word Hero.


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