Poetry: Broken

As I lay down another eve,
alone without you near.
I pray a lighted star shines
down upon you and that you see,
Despite the darkness and the pain,
how much you truly meant to me.

As the shadows flee my room,
and your face escapes my grasp,
I hold onto hope that the love
that once was shone..
will one day spark within you at last.

In my dreams.. you are there,
tears in your eyes and a broken heart.
Darkness may have fallen upon
the bright Angel that I knew.
But there will always be a light above,
to guide you through.

You saw joy within me,
and desired it for your own,
And I freely gave, because I cared for you so.
But now my joy is gone, and I cry alone.

I know you have moved on,
But one day you'll look back,
once the anger has passed,
and you'll remember that summer we had,
and may your eyes light up again,
as the night gives way to dawn.

I tried to heal your broken heart,
but in so doing I lost myself.
There is no one I have ever loved more true,
as the greatest sacrifice I have ever made,
was losing you...

But you will always be in my heart,
Be still.. and know
True unconditional love never parts.
So love yourself, and yours,
As I had loved you.


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