Yeah I have herpes!

Well actually, "probably Shingles" is what the doctor told me. (otherwise known as Herpes Zoster) is a painful, blistering rash caused by the chickenpox (varicella) virus, which affects only a limited area of skin, and makes you feel surprisingly tired, run down, and even depressed.

Although I have not gotten run down or depressed from it, just all the nerve endings in my right leg have flared up and made all the muscles sore down to my ankle. I may just have to live through it, since the medicine cost $50.00. The pain is not as bad today and the medicine is not a cure. So yes, despite what they tell you, you CAN get chicken pox twice, I am just glad I only have it on one spot and not severe like all over my face or something.

I guess the virus that is chicken pox stays in the root of your nerves, and can resurface as an adult but usually not til your 60s, and much more severe.

This morning I found myself wide awake around 6:30 am, unusual for me, but I found myself thinking about opening a comic book store that would carry collectibles as well. That is something I would enjoy doing and if I found a building with a yard or play area I could watch my two kids there, and if I had someone helping me with the store I could run errands. Just a dream though, I would need a grant or big loan to do that.

Perhaps I would call it "JumpMan's Comics"


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