Been sick and tired.

I have not done much over the past couple days, with a cold and the other night had a fever, but just have some conjestion now. I am bored lately, hoping something interesting happens soon.

I feel I need to be working or doing a work, so if anyone out there has work or a work for me to do let me know. Kids take up most of my time but I still could be doing something. I try to take up some time reading but everytime I try I fall asleep.

I also feel I need spiritual clearing, my wife constantly says she is waiting for me to wake up, be more romantic, course not sure talking dirty in ones ear is romantic ;P

I am talking to a man right now who is clearing out negativity in my life by blowing a conch shell. Interesting stuff.

He is called the Wizard of Weed (not the drug) the town he lives in. Here is his website.


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