FAN FICTION: Blade Aftermath

For two nights I had dreams about events that transpire after the movie Blade Trinity, so ok I either am a geek, or love big strong black men with tattoos.

Blade (4) : Aftermath: The Story Continues
Events that transpire after Blade Trinity
By Todd Jumper

After the virus was released that destroyed the primary vampires in the general area and other major cities, some went into hiding and or hibernation to escape it.

Blade, seemingly only temporarily affected by the virus, fell into a hibernation or comatose state, believed dead for some time.

The nightstalkers head into Mexico on rumors of vampire like activity, chupacabra sightings.

When Blade awakens he finds he is more agressive, perhaps changed in someway, and the hunger is stronger than before.

He feels he is becoming more and more of what he sought to destroy all those years.

While in a coma he dreamt, dreamt of a woman who appeared to be a vampire but was walking at noon-day.

He had flashbacks of Whistler, flashbacks of the events that proceeded his confrontation with Dracula, and even back to when he was captured and blood taken from him to see what made him invulnerable to sunlight. Flashbacks of the woman who once said she could find a cure. Whistler claims that she would turn, but Blade had never destroyed her.

Perhaps they had been sucessful at finding an immuninity to the virus, perhaps they had been sucessful in combining his DNA.

Did the virus in fact really kill the vampires, why didn't their bodies turn to dust, why did their bodies still decay when sunlight hit them, was it a mere chemical reaction or was something in them yet still alive yet their brains ceased to funtion.

Had he ever shared himself or made another from his own bite? Who was this woman he saw, who had survived?

Mutation, something had changed, not only vampires were affected, but those who had the vampire gene dormant in their blood.

Humans had become more violent, bloodthirsty since it was released. Rumors that new vampires or that the familiars were seeking to bring forth an immunity had arisen.

The virus has mutated, awaken something dormant in some humans, and possibly brought back a new breed of vampire, although a weaker one but able to be in sunlight.

Two years have passed since those events. And with Whistler gone Blade has been hiding in the shadows, relying on the few friends he has. Sitting in darkness reflecting the emptyness inside him and fighting the hunger.

As well trying to find purpose, reflecting on memories of friends long gone, wanting companionship.

But he could only sit still for so long as the hunger sent him out in the night, running into the night, hunting down familiars, or even stopping the random criminal but not finding the vampires he used to slay regularly.

All his hate was now focused on himself, being forced to accept that which he sought to destroy.

More to come...


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