Masters of the Universe Revelation Review

My honest review of Masters of the Universe Revelation on Netflix: My brother and I both liked it, had a lot of the toys growing up. I thought the show was more ground in reality as much as it could be. Sure I had some nitpicks, but it gave the characters human nature, rather than their campy end of the episode laughing at 'who wants cake' vibe. 

I think a big part of the problem is the spread of toxicity and bullying online. I see an entire agenda of people just wanting to destroy Kevin Smith, making fun of him crying or literally bullying him the same way I saw boys bullying me on the playground 30+ years ago and its sickening. They see Kevin as "the bad guy" who destroyed their "hero" but at the same time they are being villains themselves. 

The artwork was great. Fantastic musical score, character development and nostalgia. 

The biggest complaint I hear among the guys is the show should be called "She-Man" - of course a direct jab at making fun of gender, when I know damn well they also watched and loved the She-Ra cartoon as kids, at least I did; or that Kevin Smith lied. 

I don't think he lied, he said the show was "about" He-man and it really was, despite which characters were in the forefront. It was about human nature, and loss, and how people deal with the absence of their hero during difficult times, and we only got half the season, so there is still going to be a "redemption arc" most likely. 

I still stand by my opinion that most of those people who truly hate it, of that type of misogynistic / masculine nature. There is a wide spectrum and division in everything lately, whether it is politics, this pandemic, TV shows, relationships, people are simply being horrible to each other and tearing everyone down. 

Kevin Smith did not deserve all the hate he is getting, his writing was fantastic, the art direction was top notch. It had heart and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I blame Netflix to an extent in that they split the season in half and we do not know the rest of the journey for He-man and Skeletor yet. There were episodes in the 80s as well in which He-man was captured and Teela had to save him. 

They hate Prince Adam now, yet he was more flamboyant in the 80s, these are the same guys who joke that Prince Adam was gay. So now they make him a more realistic young man, and they now call him a wimp - the focus was not on the size of his muscles, but of his heart and his sacrifice to save his friends, thats a real hero, and besides, there should be a noticeable difference between Adam and He-man other than his clothing. That entire 80s thing where no one knew he was He-Man but they both looked exactly the same always bothered me. 

Anyway. I learned my lesson by poking a stick in the beehive and "gaslighting" so I have been told, to the show haters. I retire back into what I love and enjoy. It is sad that it probably will not get a second season because of people who hate "wokeness" so to speak.


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