Another Day

Another Day.
The hours pass.
As night grows near.
Another day, without you here.
I wait again to hear your voice.
Those words, I long to hear you say.
Knowing I will be alone again another day.

The stars shine down, without you, not as bright,
But knowing we look up to the same night skies,
Brings hope to these old tired eyes. 
But the sun hides it shine, and clouds turn grey,
As I sit here waiting another day.

Wishing we were together in each others arms,
Hoping each day you are free from harm.
Knowing deep down we feel the same way.
Gets me through another day.

O’er the passage of time, And miles apart.
Nothing has removed you from my heart.
While through the storms, your heart may sway,
My love is still here another day.

To know someone else has the one I want,
Yet does not appreciate your loving grace.
Makes me long so much to take his place.
And for you I will always pray.
That perhaps this too shall pass away.
And that this heart will cease to yearn another day.



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