DREAM: Death of a grandmother - and new car

Dreamt last night I was back in Pennsylvania, had drove there in my SUV, Jacob was along.
Although I was in Middleburg / Selinsgrove area for some reason.

Got to middle burg and my SUV died,  stopped by a dealership and they were having a promotion where they give you a key and sit in a new car and see if the key works.  My key did not work, so they let Jacob try a key too.  His key turned the car on.  Then the dealership said "Well shit, you get a new Hyundai."

So I told him about my SUV and he said look up the blue book, I can probably fix it up and resell it for 13,000, and just buy it off you and then you pay the difference to what you still owe to the loan.  You and grandma showed up because I had called you to come pick me and Jacob up.  You actually helped me talk the mechanic into buying my SUV

So it worked out great.  

Jake and I went over to Tastee Freeze in between Kreamer and Middleburg and got milk shakes.

After we were done, suddenly Aunt Sandy shown up along with some other people. She said that Grandma miller just passed away in hospital.  She described that Gma miller sat up with her eyes wide at the end and was acting as if she saw people coming for her- said she called out for "Dicky" and said "Oh my this is wonderful." and then passed away.

I remember you and grandma giving Sandy a hug and almost seemed like a funeral flash forward because people were all dressed up in Sunday clothes.

Gma Miller was standing there beside Sandy but I was the only one who could see her.  Although she never said anything to me, just looked like she was sorry.


  1. I just happened to read this comment on dec 1 2013 , 13 is my symbol of endings....I was afraid recently cause tims heart attack occurred on 12/1 which could have added to be 13


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