Not much new going on.

My son Jacob turned 4 on the 14th ;) We had a nice ice cream snow man cake. Tomorrow we will take the kids out to eat. My daughter turns 3 on the 28th so will celebrate together.

This been in my mind all day after looking at my dental bill. Does the word 'accidental' make you nervous because it has the word dental in it? "Oops I acci'dentally" pulled the wrong tooth there." Ok that is lame but was funny at the time. My oldest daughter just gave me a weird look and said nice one dad, good try.

Feeling the after christmas blues, went and came fast and still no freaking snow! By the time it does snow its gonna feel like Christmas but we already had it. I am used to growing up with snow almost every year, now its warmer here than it is in California, that's messed up. Dang pole shift that scientists are denying is occuring.

I am trying to meditate and get into doing readings again. I got one hell of a stomach ache the other night during it, from something as simple as mayonaise. The only thing I saw was rainbow aura's coming from my wife's hands as she was trying to heal my bowels. And then a voice in my mind said "Hello, Frank Says Hi." and at the same time the front door banged - I guess from wind that just picked up. Who Frank is I am not sure, they did not say anything else. My great grand mothers husband was named Frank, and in dreams whenever my great-grandma visits she brings Frank along but he never really says anything but Hi ;) She is the one who came to me in a dream and told me I had the gift. She was a nice grandma, its been years and I still miss her sometimes. My kids great grandmother doesn't even have the courtesy to send them a card, (on my dad's side) I dreamed the other night I was driving near Carlisle, PA where she lives and a voice told me to drop and show her the kids because she was going to pass over soon.

Maybe I could do that sometime, they never met her.



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